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This is a official developers blog (devlog) of my projects.


Let me introduce myself

My name is Aïrat Asadullin, I’m a professional web-developer and web-designer, novice writer and hobbyist artist from Russian Federation.

English is not my main language (I can speak in russian, but please write in English here), so sorry if you don’t understand something. Don’t hesitate to ask in comments or contact in any time.

What this blog about?

Here at Vivaldi Community I want to write devlog about my animated short films.

I’m here for testing water… and want to start to developing a good interactive movies and/or games and here everyone can see my developing progress.

Why Vivaldi Community?

I know Vivaldi along time ago and love this browser, and love the Community. I’m here because I’m home.

Hello, Vivaldi! Hello, people!

What is project KADAE?

This is a epic series of Sci-Fi animated short films with a lot of violence, fight scenes and good story in my GR8 universe where I’m also writing a novel (but this place only for KADAE animated short films).

Videos I’ll post to YouTube soon.

So, that all for the start. Let’s see what this will become.


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Frequently asked questions

This post can be updated in any time. If you have any question, ask in comments.

What is KADAE?

KADAE is epic animated short movies from Aïrat Asadullin.

How to contact with KADAE’s author?

You can contact via email with Airat.

Does the KADAE also is a author’s nickname?

Yes. KADAE created in 2007 as nickname. In 2017, decade after, KADAE now a series of short movies from KADAE.

How the first chapter of KADAE called?

First episode of KADAE called “KADAE: First Rule”.

What is NECjAR?

NECjAR (Nectar) is a official website of project KADAE. See www.necjar.com/kadae for details or www.necjar.com for other projects.